Army JROTC Leadership Training Pathway

JROTC: Sharpening the Leader’s Edge

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Since the JROTC program has been in existence, its motto has been “Making students better citizens.” However, the focus has changed to “Motivating young people to be college and career-ready citizens.” JROTC’s Vision for Hope: Cadet-led program seeks to set students on a glide-path to success through leadership, self-discipline, rigor, accountability, teachable moments, and service, allowing them to thrive as college or career-ready citizens.
JROTC is a very dynamic program that has all of the elements for students to embark on a successful start to life after graduation from high school. The cadets consider JROTC an extension of their families. The program offers the cadets many challenges outside of the classroom environment. They compete in regional competitions, where cadets run obstacle courses and compete in timed drill execution. Also, they are afforded an opportunity for repelling and shooting in our indoor range.
The Thunderbolt Regiment program is composed of four schools: Montgomery, Toombs, Treutlen, and Vidalia. The improvement of soft skills is the program’s number one area of concentration. Initially, our top five soft skills to focus on are effective communication, problem-solving, leadership, decision making, and accountability.
Our main focus is not to recruit cadets to join the military. JROTC is designed to give students an edge on life. We afford the cadets the opportunity to be a part of a family, a team and to get a head start on being an outstanding future leader. Our motto is “Enter to learn, leave to lead!”

The following courses are offered:

  • 28.03100 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 1 (1st-semester 1st-year students)
  • 28.03200 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 2 (2nd-semester 1st-year students)
  • 28.03300 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 3 (1st-semester 2nd-year students)
  • 28.03400 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 4 (2nd-semester 2nd-year students)
  • 28.03500 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 5 (1st-semester 3rd-year students)
  • 28.03600 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 6 (2nd-semester 3rd-year students)
  • 28.03700 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 7 (1st-semester 4th-year students)
  • 28.03800 - JROTC Army Leadership Education 8 (2nd-semester 4th-year students)

Note: Per State Board Rule 160-4-2-.48; 3 units of credit in JROTC may be used to satisfy the Health/PE requirement provided that the systems local Board of Education has granted its approval.

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