A Career in Cosmetology

Amelia MooreMrs. Amelia MooreThe Cosmetology (Personal Services) Pathway is an excellent avenue for those students who desire to be a part of the beauty industry. This course introduces both fundamental theory and practices of the personal care professions including cosmetologists, nail technicians, estheticians, and barbers. Emphasis will be placed on professional practices and safety. Areas addressed in this course include state rules and regulations, professional image, bacteriology, decontamination and infection control, chemistry fundamentals, safety, Hazardous Duty Standards Act compliance, anatomy, and physiology. Students will experience basic hands-on skills in each area to help them determine the pathway they are most interested in pursuing.

Students must complete Intro to Personal Health prior to being admitted into Cosmetology II or Cosmetology III.

The following courses are offered:

  • 12.54400 - Introduction to Personal Care Services (1st-semester 1st-year students)
  • 12.41000 - Cosmetology Services II 2nd-semester 1st-year students)
  • 12.41100 - Cosmetology Services III (1st-semester 2nd-year students)
  • 12.41200 - Cosmetology Services Core IV (2nd-semester 2nd-year students)
  • 12.47000 - Nail Care Services II (1st-semester 3rd-year students)*
  • 12.47100 - Nail Care Services III (2nd-semester 3rd-year students)*

*Note: 3rd-year students by instructor recommendation only.


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