Drone class

SECCA has teamed up with Drone Flyte to offer students the chance to fly drones, learn about their operation, and get started on a UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) career. Students will develop their piloting skills on trainer drones, move up to racing drones, and conduct audio-visual drone operations. This will culminate in students' flying drones using goggles for First-Person-View (FPV).

Students will explore how industries are incorporating drones into their operations. They will build, fly, repair, and maintain their own drones. Students will also learn the laws that govern drone operation. The goal of the drone program is to prepare students to operate drones safely, use drones for protection, to pilot drones for commercial and rescue operations; and to enjoy drones simply for fun. Students will acquire the knowledge to pass the FAA Part 107 Exam to work as a commercial drone pilot.